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Formal name:  shoot bambusoid
Local identifier:  TOP141
Definition:  a shoot system (PO:shoot system) that has only weak secondary growth (GO:secondary growth) or is stiffened by sclerification, has an excurrently branched stem lacking (TOP:monopodial-excurrent stem) and supports a vertically extensive, sometimes tree-sized crown
Formal Unit:  unitless (category)

Comment:  bambusoid is a category of the trait shoot metamorphosis (TOP:shoot metamorphosis), shoot architecture type (TOP:shoot architecture type), and is used in the context of the trait plant growth form (TOP:plant growth form)
Reference:  Pérez-Harguindeguy N., Díaz S., Garnier E., Lavorel S., Poorter H., Jaureguiberry P., Bret-Harte M. S., Cornwell W. K., Craine J. M., Gurvich D. E., Urcelay C., Veneklaas E. J., Reich P. B., Poorter L., Wright I. J., Ray P., Enrico L., Pausas J. G., de Vos A. C., Buchmann N., Funes G., Quétier F., Hodgson J. G., Thompson K., Morgan H. D., ter Steege H., van der Heijden M. G. A., Sack L., Blonder B., Poschlod P., Vaieretti M. V., Conti G., Staver A. C., Aquino S., Cornelissen J. H. C. (2013) New handbook for standardised measurement of plant functional traits worldwide. Australian Journal of Botany 61, 167_234 (adapted)