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Between deep shade and shade

Formal name:  plant populations light indicator value 2
Abbreviation:  L2
Local identifier:  TOP770
Synonym Term:  light value 2
Definition:  places with a relative irradiance intensity between deep shade (TOP:deep shade indicator plant) and shade (TOP:shade indicator plant) at which individuals of a plant population (EFO:plant population) or species (Mayr:species) occur
Formal Unit:  unitless (category)

Comment:  The values are indicators for the ecological behavior of a distinct plant species distributed in Central Europe, i.e. for its occurance under field conditions, including competition of many other plants.
Reference:  Ellenberg, H., Weber, H. E., Duell, R., Wirth, V., Werner, W., Paulissen, D. (1992): Zeigerwerte der Pflanzen in Mitteleuropa, 2nd edition, Scripta Geobotanica, Vol. 18, Goltze KG, Goettingen