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Elongated leaf-bearing rhizomatous shoot

Formal name:  shoot elongated leaf-bearing rhizomatous
Local identifier:  TOP149
Definition:  a shoot system (PO:shoot system) that has an elongated rhizome (PO:rhizome) as permanent axis that directly bears photosynthetic leaves (PO:leaf) that extend individually up into the light.
Formal Unit:  unitless (category)

Comment:  The rhizome can be located either at or below ground level (e.g. Pteridium aquilinum (bracken fern), Viola spp., Iris spp.), or on an above-ground support such as a tree branch. The aerial inflorescences (PO:inflorescence) or single-flower peduncles with either reduced bracts (PO:bract), or none, may grow out from the rhizome. Elongated leaf-bearing rhizomatous is used in the context of the trait plant growth form (TOP:plant growth form)
Reference:  Pérez-Harguindeguy N., Díaz S., Garnier E., Lavorel S., Poorter H., Jaureguiberry P., Bret-Harte M. S., Cornwell W. K., Craine J. M., Gurvich D. E., Urcelay C., Veneklaas E. J., Reich P. B., Poorter L., Wright I. J., Ray P., Enrico L., Pausas J. G., de Vos A. C., Buchmann N., Funes G., Quétier F., Hodgson J. G., Thompson K., Morgan H. D., ter Steege H., van der Heijden M. G. A., Sack L., Blonder B., Poschlod P., Vaieretti M. V., Conti G., Staver A. C., Aquino S., Cornelissen J. H. C. (2013) New handbook for standardised measurement of plant functional traits worldwide. Australian Journal of Botany 61, 167_234 (adapted)