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Formal name:  whole plant hemiphanerophyte
Local identifier:  TOP214
Synonym Term:  dwarf shrub
Synonym Term:  suffrutex
Definition:  plants (PO:whole plant) which have their survinging buds (PO:bud) situated up to 0.5m above the ground surface on woody (TOP:woody plant), basally ramified shoots (PO:shoot axis) or on the only basally lignified parts of higher shoots, which do not become lignified in their upper parts but die down periodically
Formal Unit:  unitless (category)

Comment:  hemiphanerophytes belong to phanerophytes (TOP:phanerophyte)
Reference:  after Baesseler, M., Jaeger, E. J., Werner, K. (1996): Exkursionsflora von Deutschland. Bd. 2 Gefaesspflanzen, 16.Auflage Jena (Fischer-Verlag), 639 pages, changed by Klotz, S., Kühn, I. & Durka, W. (2002): BIOLFLOR - Eine Datenbank zu biologisch-oekologischen Merkmalen der Gefaesspflanzen in Deutschland. - Schriftenreihe fuer Vegetationskunde 38. Bonn: Bundesamt fuer Naturschutz.