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Leaf dark respiration rate per leaf area

Formal name:  leaf dark respiration rate per leaf area
Abbreviation:  R leaf
Local identifier:  TOP361
Synonym Term:  leaf dark respiration per leaf area
Definition:  the amount of carbon (CHEBI:carbon atom) metabolized via maintenance respiration in the dark by leaves (PO:leaf) per unit time and unit leaf area (TOP:leaf area)
Formal Unit:  amount unit / time unit / area unit

Comment:  Leaf dark respiration rate is typically measured on young to medium-aged fully expanded leaves to ensure negligible respiration associated with biosynthesis (?growth respiration?). Do not make measurements during or soon after atypical conditions (such as e.g. heat or cold stress, water stress), unless that is the focus of the research. Sample foliage from parts of the canopy sunlit during daytime, unless one is specifically focussed on the shaded understorey species. If possible, measure intact leaves at night. In any case, leaves must have been in the dark for ~30 min to minimise variation resulting from very recently fixed photosynthate or transient light-induced respiratory CO2 losses. Temperature during respiration measurement needs to be specified.
Reference:  Pérez-Harguindeguy N., Díaz S., Garnier E., Lavorel S., Poorter H., Jaureguiberry P., Bret-Harte M. S., Cornwell W. K., Craine J. M., Gurvich D. E., Urcelay C., Veneklaas E. J., Reich P. B., Poorter L., Wright I. J., Ray P., Enrico L., Pausas J. G., de Vos A. C., Buchmann N., Funes G., Quétier F., Hodgson J. G., Thompson K., Morgan H. D., ter Steege H., van der Heijden M. G. A., Sack L., Blonder B., Poschlod P., Vaieretti M. V., Conti G., Staver A. C., Aquino S., Cornelissen J. H. C. (2013) New handbook for standardised measurement of plant functional traits worldwide. Australian Journal of Botany 61, 167_234 (adapted)