Leaf hemicellulose content per leaf dry mass

Formal name:  leaf hemicellulose content per leaf dry mass
Local identifier:  TOP894
Synonym Term:  leaf hemicellulose content per dry mass
Related Term:  leaf hemicellulose concentration
Definition:  The ratio of the mass (PATO:mass) of hemicellulose (CHEBI:hemicellulose) in the leaf (PO:leaf) or component thereof, i.e. leaf lamina or leaflet (PO:leaf lamina, PO:leaflet) per respective unit dry mass (TOP:leaf dry mass, TOP:leaf lamina dry mass, TOP:leaflet dry mass)
Formal Unit:  mass unit / mass unit

Comment:  The term concentration is polysemic and we suggest to not use it in this context.
Reference:  Jens Kattge, Ulrike Stahl, Eric Garnier, Stefan Klotz, Ingolf Kühn