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Plant growth form

Formal name:  whole plant growth form
Local identifier:  TOP136
Definition:  a feature of the whole plant (PO:whole plant) defining the growth form with respect to woodiness and stem branching mode
Formal Unit:  unitless (nominal)

Comment:  According to Perez et al. (2013) the trait plant growth form is defined broader and also includes the following categories: bambusoid (TOP:bambusoid ), cushion (TOP:cushion), tussock (TOP:tussock), extensive-stemmed herb (TOP:extensive-stemmed), stem succulent (TOP:succulent shoot), excurrent tree (TOP:monopodial-excurrent stem), deliquescent tree (TOP:monopodial-deliquescent stem), elongated leaf-bearing rhizomatouse (TOP:elongated leaf-bearing rhizomatous shoot), dwarf shrub, postrate subshrub, rosette, palmoid, epiphyte, lithophyte, herbaceous vine climber, woody vine climber, scrambler, strangler, hydrophyte (TOP:hydrophyte), parasite or saprophyte. Plant life form (TOP:plant life form) is a different way to characterize plants
Reference:  Eric Garnier, Jens Kattge, Stefan Klotz, Ingolf Kühn, Ulrike Stahl