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Plant species floristic zone

Formal name:  plant species floristic zone
Local identifier:  TOP256
Definition:  a feature of the plant species (Mayr:species) characterizing the floristic zone or multiple zones at which the individuals occur. Floristic zones are the characteristic sequences of plant assemblages from the poles to the equator in relation to climatic factors.
Formal Unit:  unitless (ordinal)

Comment:  If individuals of a species occur in different floristic zones, the whole range (amplitude) of the assigend floristic zones represent the floristic zone range of the respective species. The floristic zones can be ordered according to decreasing latitude from the North pole to the equator as follows: arctic, boreal, temperate, submeridional, meridional, subtropical, tropical and according to increasing latitude from the equator to the South pole as follows: austral, antarctic
Reference:  Jaeger, E. J.& Werner K. (2002): Rothmaler, Exkursionsflora von Deutschland. Gefaesspflanzen: Kritischer Band, Berlin, Spectrum, 948 pages