Stem photosynthetic rate per stem dry mass

Formal name:  stem photosynthetic rate per stem dry mass
Local identifier:  TOP360
Synonym Term:  stem photosynthesis per stem dry mass
Definition:  the amount of carbon (CHEBI:carbon atom) assimilated via photosynthesis by stem tissue (PO:stem) per unit stem dry mass and unit time
Formal Unit:  amount unit / time unit / mass unit

Comment:  Photosynthesis is in general related to leaves (TOP:leaf photosynthetic rate per leaf dry mass) or active stem tissue but can also be related to the shoot system (TOP:shoot photosynthetic rate per shoot dry mass).The following environmental conditions during photosynthesis measurements need to be specified: irradiance, temperature, CO2 and O2 concentration of the air, altitude or air pressure.
Reference:  after Pérez-Harguindeguy N., Díaz S., Garnier E., Lavorel S., Poorter H., Jaureguiberry P., Bret-Harte M. S., Cornwell W. K., Craine J. M., Gurvich D. E., Urcelay C., Veneklaas E. J., Reich P. B., Poorter L., Wright I. J., Ray P., Enrico L., Pausas J. G., de Vos A. C., Buchmann N., Funes G., Quétier F., Hodgson J. G., Thompson K., Morgan H. D., ter Steege H., van der Heijden M. G. A., Sack L., Blonder B., Poschlod P., Vaieretti M. V., Conti G., Staver A. C., Aquino S., Cornelissen J. H. C. (2013) New handbook for standardised measurement of plant functional traits worldwide. Australian Journal of Botany 61, 167_234