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Stomatal conductance for co2

Formal name:  leaf stomatal conductance for CO2 per leaf area
Local identifier:  TOP369
Related Term:  stomatal resistance
Definition:  conductivity for CO2 through the stomata (PO:stomatal complex) of a leaf (PO:leaf) or component thereof, i.e. leaflet or leaf lamina (PO:leaflet, PO:leaf lamina) per respective unit area of the leaf, leaflet or leaf lamina (TOP:leaf area, TOP:leaflet area, TOP:leaf lamina area) and unit time
Formal Unit:  amount unit / area unit / time unit

Comment:  The following environmental conditions during measurements need to be specified: irradiance, temperature, CO2 and O2 concentration of the air, altitude or air pressure. Maximum stomatal conductance is a specific case, characterising the stomatal conductance at maximum opening of stomata. Stomatal conductance is the reverse of stomatal resistance.
Reference:  Jens Kattge, Eric Garnier, Ulrike Stahl